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Traffic Generation

mobile traffic

For sites as “digital audience already exceeds circulation: 650,000 copies in September 2014, compared with 54 million unique visitors in January 2015. In addition, money from sales come mostly from digital sources (about 1 , 4 million). The problem is that visiting time per user only lasted 4.6 minutes (and is the diary that records the highest figure). If respondents are still considered readers of the paper is due to the ephemeral nature of his visits to online editions.

The trend seems to have changed and now is the leading mobile search platform, a change that is expected it should occur early afternoon. Already last year warned Google that searches through mobile phones were hot on the heels of those made through desktop devices.

According to Google Adwords, and there are currently more than ten countries, including the US and Japan are included in the Google searches are …


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